Prayers Please!

Thank you Lord that you are answering our Prayers! 

This weeks Prayer list: 

Our Youth and Adult Ministies.

All Youth Leaders.

Our Church Finances.

Our Member Finances.

Our Music.

Al Pomeroy daughter recoving from surgery.

Pastor Jeff, Jessie and Family

Jessie - Health issues 

Jerry McBurnett having a biospy on his lung on Oct. 1st.

Mary Daniel job 

Cathy Sandberg

Debbie Ashley

Nicole Collins

Ms. Anne and Kim 

Terry Brooks has Vertigo

Justin recovering from surgery

Jax who has luekemia, God will heal his body! 

Fran’s daugther Pam - Health problems.

Jim Daniel - mild surgery coming up.

Bus Drivers and students going back to school

*Please text Cindy with any more prayer requests. 



Any Prayers needed, text Cindy at 678-283-7765