Lighthouse Worship

Each week we have the opportunity to offer up praise and worship to a Holy God.  Here at Lighthouse, we express our praise and worship in many ways.  When you visit with us, you will see people of all ages worshiping together.  At various times you will see hands raised in reverence of a Holy God, people standing, clapping, tears of joy, loud music, quiet music, or no music, soloists, ensembles, choir, dancing, swaying, hymns, praise choruses, southern gospel, and urban gospel, but in it all you will experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that there are far too many Music Ministries in churches that are focused on Music -- Here at Lighthouse, we are focused on worship.  Music is the vehicle that we use to worship with, but great music is not our final goal -- worship of a great God is.  Join us this week and experience the awesome things that God is doing in the worship ministry at Lighthouse Church.


Worship Ministry Opportunities 

Sound Tech – Sound techs are a vital part of our Sunday Services. The sound tech is responsible for maintaining appropriate sound levels during our services. This is a high pressure position and applicants should be able to respond quickly to issues as they arise during the service as well as be a team player. Intensive training will be provided by the church. Sound techs are not only needed for Sunday services, but also for Weddings, Funerals, and other events scheduled at the church. 

Video Programming Specialist – Video Programming Specialists run the presentation software that projects words, videos, and images on the screen during our worship services.  Volunteers in this position need to be able to work well in high pressure situations.  Training will be provided to interested volunteers, but there must be a high comfort level with computers and programming.

Video Production Specialist – Video Production Specialists will work as a team to create, record, edit, and produce videos to be used during church services and at special events. Members of this team should be creative and able to think outside the box. The ability to work with others is essential. This person will also need computer skills necessary for editing. This position will require the VPS to produce top quality products with an insanely low budget.

Outside of the Box Drama Team – Members of the drama team will practice and perform a number of creative movement dramas throughout the year.  No previous experience is necessary for this group, and it is open to people of all ages. 

Worship Choir – The Lighthouse Worship Choir is open to anyone ages 16 and up. Auditions are not required to be a part of this group—a heart for worship is! This group meets every week to worship, fellowship, have fun, and oh yeah…practice songs to be used in future services. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:45 – 8:30 PM in the auditorium.

Actors – Are you a drama queen or drama king??? Well, why not use that to bring glory to God? We need both experienced as well as novice actors to join our team in skits, videos, and full length productions. 

Stage and Set Design – Do you have a cool flair for interior design? Do you have an eye for style? Join our Stage and Set Design team and make our stage and set come alive for worship services and special events.