Lighthouse History

On February 13th, 2000, a small group of people met on a Sunday night under God’s leadership – and Lighthouse Community Baptist Church was launched.  We had no idea what all was in store in the coming weeks, but one thing we knew is that God was leading us every step of the way.  We met on February 20th at Fairview Civic Center for our first Sunday worship.  What an incredible day… the beginning of a Journey of Faith that would force us not only to think outside the box, but to actually LIVE outside the box.  We moved around a lot over the following 2 years, but God was always faithful and we always had a place to worship Him. Through the awesome provisions of God, we were able to purchase 15 acres of land on East Atlanta Road.  We purchased the land in August of 2000.  What a Great Day!  What a Great God!  Miraculously, the land was completely paid for in March of 2001.  What a celebration of His Mighty Greatness! We began construction in September of 2001.  It was so exciting to be involved in something that was so greatly evident to be guided by our Almighty God… so much more than we, as individuals could’ve accomplished.  God was doing it all and we could see it, feel it, and it was awesome. We moved into our own building in March of 2002.

God has truly blessed us throughout the years. We have grown immensely in our community outreaches such as Vacation Bible School, Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Festivals. The numbers continue to grow each and every year, and we have gained many members and friendships from these community events.